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Hey there, if you’re on this page then “Yay” because we always welcome people who want to contribute to this blog. If you want to write and publish your home and family article then you have come to the right website and just the right page. Being featured on our website is just few clicks away. Unlike other blogs we don’t have any hard and fast rules in terms of how many posts you can make during a specific period of time. As long as the content is interesting or relevant to our blog then you’re a part of our team. You can write for our home and family blog, any topic that you want – your experiences, and/or any innovative idea or solution to a problem that you want to share with our readers.

We get more than 12,000 unique visitors on our website every month so it is a given that whatever it is that you want to share would be exposed to a huge audience. We also welcome guest bloggers who can submit a guest post about home, family, parenting, etc. for the sake of generating traffic on their own blog. We also say yes to companies and brands who want to get review articles of their product posted on website and that means, yes to affiliate marketing as well.

Fiona and I cover a variety of topics on our website that allows you to pick a category of your choice and come up with something exciting and tasteful. We actually look forward to learning the approach of other couples and parents towards a specific problem. So, hello mommy and daddies don’t be shy and share whatever it is that you’ve got so other parents can also gain something from your wisdom and experiences. You can write about anything related to the topics mentioned below – as long as it’s relevant, it’s going to get posted on our website!

  • Family Travel
  • Psychology
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Saving Money
  • Food & Recipes
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Family Adventure Ideas
  • Healthy Family
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy Tips
  • Education
  • Pets
  • Real Estate & House Stuff
  • Safety
  • Home Interior

You have complete creative freedom to come up with anything in the above mentioned topics. One thing that is important to remember is that it is a family website so the content of your article must not be explicit in any way – exceptions are there for health and fitness category but we request you not to go in details that only daddies have to handle or mommies. You can come up with any variations of the topics mentioned above and even something related is okay with us. I hope I’m not sounding boring here but then again – all I have to say is surprise us!

Below are some of the examples of how you can think of a perfect article that we would happily accept.

  • Top Ten Family Vacation Spots
  • How to Understand the Psychology of Kids/ your Partner
  • How to Stay Physically and Mentally Fit
  • Top 10 Money Saving Tips on Vacation
  • Top 10 Tips for Making a Reliable Real Estate Investment
  • Cheap Ideas for Home Decor DIYs
  • Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy

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