All you need to know about Window Energy Ratings

An important thing you need to focus on when getting new windows, it the energy efficiency of them.  That being said, comparing the efficiency of windows can be rather difficult so here is some helpful information to help you understand window energy ratings and make a good choice for your home.

The Window Energy Ratings system was designed by the Glass Glazing Federation and is used alongside U Values.

U Values vs WER

A U Value is a number that determines how well windows can retain heat, whereas WER is a system that tells us how much heat windows lose and gain throughout the year. The WER system also takes into consideration solar gain within the final energy rating.

Windows and doors must be manufactured in line with energy standards. 

How to I use the WER system?

The WER system uses the interchangeable rainbow design which is also present in white goods and appliances.

The ratings range from A-G, but replacement windows are required to have at least a C Rating to comply with regulations.

The minimum U value requirement is 1.6wpm2k. 

What are the best windows for getting a high WER?

Many current companies will only manufacture windows with an A-C Window Energy Rating, but before to check with them before choosing your window.

Aluminium windows are great because they offer a long life and are recyclable.

Alternatively PVC-U windows are also a good option because you can choose from a range of colours and add triple glazing to retain heat better.

Choosing windows with the highest WER will help you save money on energy bills in the long run.


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