Six Tips to Help You Handle Emergency Plumbing Situations

Most plumbing systems fail at one point or another. If you wake up to a leaking toilet, a flooded house or any other plumbing menace, do not panic. Simply hire an emergency plumber in Currumbin. When it happens, you ought to be prepared so that it does not weigh heavily on you.

Here are plumbing tips to help you handle an emergency:

Call a plumbing company

It is advisable for all homeowners and renters to have the number of a reputable emergency plumbing company. In the event of a dire plumbing situation, remember to call the expert for help. Most people forget to do this. The earlier you call the plumber, the better for you so that they can arrive in time before more damage occurs.

Turn off the water

Whenever faced with an emergency, the first step is to shut off all water sources as quickly as possible. If it is the toilet that’s leaking, you need to turn the valve behind the commode or at the base. If it is a major emergency and floods, it is advisable to turn off the main valve in your home. Most water valves require turning them clockwise so as to shut off.

Handle small leaks

If you can trace the source of light leaks, stop it the best way you can. Consider purchasing plumber’s tape as it can come in handy during such situations. Stuffing rags and towels around pipes or putting buckets beneath leaking pipes will also help to prevent further damage. After you have handled the leak, note them and alert the plumber the moment he or she arrives at your place.

Inspect the water heater

In the event of a severe situation, it is advisable to turn off your heater’s water supply to avoid damaging the heating unit. Only shut down the heater after turning off the main valve. Doing the reverse may make heat to well inside it thus raising the risk of overheating or bursting. If your heater uses gas, turn off the gas first.

Drain your lines

Even after you have shut off your main valve, it is likely that water will still be left in your pipes. You can remove this water by turning on any spigots located outside your home. Give the garden hose a few squirts to clear off all water from the piping. In case there is a small clog during the process, try opening the drain using gentle techniques such as a plunger. Avoid using chemical cleaners in the pipes during emergencies as they might escalate the problem.

Contact the water company

Unfortunately, most people overlook the importance of contacting the water utility provider. Some emergency problems result due to a fault by the water company. For instance, burst pipes might result from unnecessary water pressure while basement leaks might be due to a leak from the main water pipe.

If you follow these simple steps, you might be able to prevent a plumbing emergency before it worsens. You can avoid the plumbing problem from causing irreversible damage by only contacting a qualified emergency plumber. Before the expert arrives, try getting someone to help you manage the situation.



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