Making your Home Stand out when Selling

A home that stands out from the crowd is essential when it comes to selling. If you want to sell your home and fetch a good price, then here are some ways you can grab your buyer’s attention. 

Create a Mood and Theme

A design that’s cohesive throughout the house makes it feel much more finished. Instead of having rooms with entirely different designs, have one theme that flows through the home. As your buyers look around, they’ll feel like it’s much more cohesive and this will create good vibes.

All of the furniture and the colour palette should feed into this theme. If you struggle to create this feeling in your home, then Interior Architects London based can definitely help you out. Splashing out on a professional design can make your home much more attractive to buyers, which will in turn get a higher price. 

Notice the Curb Appeal

Before your viewers even get into the home, they should get a good impression of it. This means that the outside of the home should look great, with a well-kept garden. If they see weeds and clutter, they already have a poor opinion of the house before they get inside.

To make your home stand out a bit more, you can invest in some topiary or garden statues. Use these tastefully and sparingly, as you don’t want it to be noticed for all the wrong reasons. Stone and marble are classic materials that are timeless, so consider this when picking these pieces.

Arrange with the Weather

While this can be a tricky one to manage, you don’t want your visitors to be coming to view your home on a grey, rainy day. This will naturally place a dampener on the mood and they won’t be quite as enamoured with your home.

In the winter, make sure you clear paths of ice and snow before your visitors come. The snow can actually enhance the beauty of the home, as long as they have a path to your door. 

Bake Bread

This is a long held belief in the industry, if your home smells inviting then your visitors are more likely to fall in love with it. Consider doing some baking before they arrive to fill your home with these inviting smells. You can cut corners by using something like a bread machine or packet mix, just make sure you tidy up after.

Cleanliness is key, so if you don’t have time to bake and clear up after, just make sure the place smells clean. Smoking indoors or pet smells are a big no no, so enforce some new house rules at this time if you need to. While these may seem like quite small things, they can have a massive impact on the price that your house fetches.

Making your home stand out on the market will naturally encourage more people to bid on it, which might just drive the price up. Try out these tips if you’re selling your home.


Image: Pixabay


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