What kind of coffee table is right for you?

You might think choosing a coffee table is a simple decision, but there are endless options out there

As the dining room becomes less of a necessity in many modern homes, the coffee table continues to grow in popularity. The extra surface space in your living room makes it easier than ever to host more relaxed and informal gatherings with friends and family, while also creating an area to display ornaments, knick-knacks and books that suit your décor. But it’s important to choose the right coffee table for your home, so here are the options to consider.

Modern coffee tables

Modern coffee tables are great for creating a light, bright space to enjoy. Despite making of think of very recently made furniture items, the term modern actually refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century, so it is possible to find items with period detailing as well as a modern feel. Look for materials like chrome, metal and glass rather than wood for a more modern addition to your living room.

Vintage coffee tables

There are a lot of benefits to choosing vintage furniture, but most of all it just looks stunning. A vintage coffee table is a certain way to make your living room completely unique. Vintage coffee tables also tend to be extremely high quality, and have already proven their durability. Depending on what kind of look you’re going for, a vintage coffee table can help your home feel either quirky or luxurious, or both.

If you do decide that a vintage coffee table is the right option for your home, be sure to shop around only the best marketplaces, including those found online. Vinterior has a beautiful collection of vintage coffee tables and other items to make your home stand out.

Contemporary coffee tables

Many people get confused as to what the difference is between modern and contemporary interior design. They may seem interchangeable, but whereas modern furniture possesses a particular ‘look’, contemporary furniture simple refers to whatever is currently popular. For the last few years, contemporary coffee tables often mix simplicity with standout elements, such as a basic table layout combined with bold and bright accents. Features to look out for include metal bases and glass tops.

Industrial coffee tables

Industrial coffee table style brings together vintage and contemporary style to create something completely different and ultimately modern looking. The main quality of industrial designs is the ability to see the table as both a complete item of furniture and a collection of parts and materials. This creates a purposeful look reminiscent of factory materials, metal and wood. They are also sturdy, and possess a rough quality, which makes them great for loft-style living rooms.

Cottage coffee tables

If you are looking for a homely and humble style in your living room, a cottage coffee table might be the best option for you. Cottage style celebrates everyday treasures and quirky furniture collections, and doesn’t turn its nose up at imperfections. Most of all, cottage coffee tables possess a style which is full of heart. Look out for delicate lines and detailing, such as turned legs and asymmetrical designs.

Parsons coffee tables

For something both simple and striking, consider a parsons coffee table. This is a modern square or rectangular table which originated in the 1930s, and possesses four flush, square legs which are just as thick as the flat top. Despite its simple shape, a parsons coffee table can be use to fit many design schemes by embellishing it with upholstery and different materials.


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