Interior Design Ideas for Rental Properties: Keep It Affordable, Durable and Timeless

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When going about renovating and decorating a rental, it is crucial to make informed decisions that are based on facts, not your gut instinct and mood. The main goal is to deliver quality without breaking the bank, which is easier said than done. Well, begin by acknowledging that rental properties inevitably take a beating, which is to say durability is one of the top priorities.

Spending money on renovation over and over again between tenancies is not the most prudent course of action. So, opt for long-lasting solutions that will last you for years. Focus on making the property visually appealing and practical, effectively snatching the best of the both worlds.

In new light

To illustrate a crucial point, let us begin with tiles. They are preferable to laminate and paint, especially in rooms that are moist and prone to nuisances like mold. Besides, tiles are more resilient to infestations and are easy to maintain. Dark tiles are a sound choice as they do not become grubby-looking as their white counterparts.

Similarly, light colors may provide a sense of spaciousness and airiness, but the problem is that this compelling mirage is short-lived. Keeping light walls and carpets clean is an ongoing ordeal, so keep that in mind when designing and renovating. Mid-toned earthy colors and grays are worth checking out, for they usually involve that killer combination of durability and practicality.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Of course, a tricky part is keeping the costs in check while ensuring the quality at the same time. Well, take a strategic approach and identify areas where you can skimp as well as those you are going to splurge on. For example, paying some extra for quality flooring is a good idea, since this element suffers the most from wear and tear.

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For reasons previously mentioned, tiles are a good solution. To make the most of them, think ahead and purchase a little extra. And as for the laminate, it is fairly long-lasting; alas, it is associated with malfunctions, typically in the winter. Finally, note that you can take advantage of thick and durable carpets to mitigate the damage of physical contact.

Timeless design wisdom

Tastes and preferences differ from one tenant to another, and there is no way to satisfy them all. Still, sticking to the pristine beauty of a timeless style is as close as you can get. Draw inspiration from stellar designers and real estate listing sites like Lifull that keep up to date with prominent trends. In addition, one should also follow the rule of budgeting and decorate with the target audience in mind.

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So, assess the returns you can count on and come up with a budget accordingly. Not everyone expects high-end fitting, but then again, decorating as cheaply as possible will lose you money in the long run. Therefore, do not be put off by initial costs and think in the long term. Steer away from shiny cheap fittings and solutions you see on the pages of good-living magazines. However, you shouldn’t always be paying over the odds for the things that you need either. The way to strike the balance between good price and good quality is by using DIY and Tools reviews that will compare the specifications of products with their cost and evaluate which are the best deals for what you actually get. Not only does it help to get advice from experts who actually know about the different brands it’s also a great way to ensure that you’re keeping cost down and spending more of your valuable time actually working on the project.

Matters of style

If you want to make the rental property aesthetically pleasing, don’t let your personal taste guide you. Apart from that, another pitfall to avoid is sticking to an outdated look, even more so if you target a younger audience. A neutral theme with minimalist aesthetics usually ensures maximum appeal. What is more, such a backdrop allows tenants to add their personal touch.

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A potted plant is always a safe bet and its soothing presence will please the tenants regardless of their stylistic preferences. Furthermore, well-placed fabrics are a smart move because they quickly transform the space and make it more inviting. Think in terms of throw pillows, window coverings, slipcovers, and wall hangings. Another benefit of fabrics is that you can easily take them out in case the tenants will it so.

A long row to hoe

Nowadays, tenants can sniff out cheap fitting, so think twice before investing in them. This goes for bathrooms too. These small shrines of relaxation are places that people are increasingly paying attention to. When it comes to aspects such as paint, longevity should be a chief concern. An anti-mold paint does miracles in the bathroom, while in the kitchen, try not to install surfaces like wooden worktops that are prone to mold problems.

Stainless steel and composite stone are quite popular with landlords, which does not come as a surprise considering they are durable, heat-resistant, and stain-proof. At last, do not be afraid to offer unfurnished properties. You will not only decrease the costs, but also avoid unnecessary hassle and conflicts over style and damage. Shelves and decorative features also fall under this redundant category. Extras like this neither generate extra rent nor represent a decisive factor in negotiations.

Striking gold

The essence of rental property design is to strike a fine balance between visual bliss and prime durability. Robust properties are superior to those that feature design solutions that deteriorate quickly, so spend some extra on heavy-duty stuff such as flooring. Just do not go overboard with renovating and decorating in pursuit of a picture-perfect effect.

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Know that it is fine to cut spending in some other areas, as long as you spend money where it needs to be spent. As a rule of thumb, premium products pay off in the long run while the cheap ones act as potential repellents. Remember to stay on top of wants and needs of your target audience and you will maximize the chances of our rentals collecting revenue, rather than dust and expenses.


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