How to identify quality bifold doors

Thinking of introducing bifold doors into your home? Here’s how to separate the good from the not-so

Bifold doors are an excellent addition to any home. By replacing a large portion of your wall with a beautiful, flexible and secure glass entranceway, you allow the maximum amount of light into your home and create a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor space. Studies show that natural light is the number one factor people search for when house hunting, so whether you’re selling up or just want to enjoy your home to the max, bifold doors can be a great addition.

However, you need to be sure that you’re getting quality when you’re shopping around for bifold doors. Not only do you want doors that look great, you also need to find bifold doors which will stand the test of time against weather and temperature. Poor quality external doors can lead to draughts, compromising on energy efficiency and quicker wear and tear. Basic quality doors will simply meet basic manufacturing standards, while high quality doors will exceed.

So here are the factors you need to look out for to ensure you get the best bifold doors.


High quality bifold doors will use aluminium, as it maintains its shape and the smoothest finishes. It can also hold heavier panes. This aluminium should be made from prime bullets rather than scraps, which is more vulnerable and less smooth.

Powder coating

The best bifold doors on the market can boast high quality powder coating. If high quality, this should be extremely hard wearing and come with a guarantee of around 20 years. If powder coating doesn’t come with a guarantee it may not last as long.

Weather permeability

If you choose the right bifold doors, they will be able to withstand all kinds of weather without taking any damage, wear or tear. This should exceed industry standards rather than simply meeting them.


An item’s u-value refers to how effective it is in acting as an insulator. The lower the value, the better the item or material is as a heat insulator. Lower quality bifold doors will only meet the government standards of a 1.8 u-value in replacements or 2.0 in new builds, where as high quality options will exceed this. This will allow bifold doors to keep your home fresh in summer and cosy in winter.


The components of high quality bifold doors should be tested to meet high standards. Factors like handles should be both functional and attractive, meaning maximum ergonomics and options available in a range of styles.


High quality bifold doors will be able to boast a sleek design without compromising your home’s security. One of the main concerns people have regarding bifold doors is that they aren’t secure, but the use of thicker glazing, aluminium frames and secure installation makes high quality bifold doors a stunning and secure option.


One way to check whether the bifold doors you’re considering are as good as they claim is to see whether there is any guarantee involved. A solid 10 or 20 year guarantee provides security that your bifold doors are built to last, while lower quality options will have variable guarantees or no guarantee at all.

Lead time

Check to see whether your bifold door provider can have your doors delivered and installed within a reasonable timescale. A professional, experienced and trustworthy provider should be able to deliver your new bifold doors within a matter of weeks, helping you enjoy them as soon as possible.

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