Home Improvement Ideas

Home owners are always looking at ways of maintaining and improving their home value and an easy way to do this is via some simple home improvements.  This can include a simple refresh or more structural projects.  We have come up with some of the most common home improvement ideas. 

Internal Refresh

Internally refreshing your home can make this a lot more homely and increase the value.  Whether the interior is wallpaper or painted walls, by re-papering or painting it can make a significant difference.  This is also quite a cheap option and does not require a lot of funds.  You can call in the experts to do this for you or you could do it yourself give this a go (maybe with the help of some friends or family).  Other things you can do that makes a visible difference is change the carpets or even get flooring / tiling.  Carpets wear pretty easily therefore by replacing these in areas such as sitting rooms with flooring not only makes it look more modern but these do not wear as much.


A personal parking space for home owners is something that can be invaluable.  This is especially important in areas where there is a lack of car parking space in the streets.  Sometimes people without a car but the owner of a driveway may even rent out their driving space.  If you are doing this then it’s important to do it right as a poor quality job could lead to things like weeds coming up through the drive and make it look really tacky.  Resin driveways for homes are becoming increasingly more popular and can be a good mini project for a home owner that will instantly see an increase in their home value.


Most modern homes already have things like double glazing.  These are important to keep the heat in and will support with lower heating bills in the colder weather.  In addition to this, for security reasons, double glazing generally have a lot more secure locks to prevent someone breaking into your home and using this as their access point.  Depending on the size of your home, this may not be a cheap option and could be several thousand pounds.  There are lots of different companies out there that sell double glazing therefore be sure to not jump to acceptance with your first quote and look to shop around.

Garage Conversion

Most people that own a home with a garage do not actually use this for their motor vehicle but more for storage.  The potential storage space in a garage can be quite significant and a lot of it can go to waste.  A home improvement opportunity could be to covert the garage into another room.  This can be a costly activity to do and would require you to get planning permission however the benefits of adding an additional room could definitely increase the value of your home.  The only thing to watch out for here is that you will have removed the storage space therefore would need an alternative which may be something like a garden hut or basement.


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