Why you should hire a millworker to customize your space

Are you a homeowner who wants a sophisticated library in your home? Are you a entrepreneur or corporate executive that desires customized raised panel walls in your corporate offices? Then you need a millworker, a certified expert in woodwork. Professional millwork will not only allow you to express your unique taste, it is a wise investment of your time and resources.

What is a Millworker?

According to IBISWorld, “In this industry manufactured hardwood and softwood, cut stock …and other millwork including flooring.” Millwork is projected to generate $28 billion between 2012 – 2022.

A millworker is a highly trained individual skilled with areas of shop management, math, computers and construction. He uses power tools with meticulous attention to detail. Communication and problem-solving skills allow millworkers to transform the wishes of the client into a work of art.

Trends in Millwork

Custom residential millwork used to be the domain of the wealthy. However, it has become a more affordable option due to decreased costs. Millwork includes synthetic products like laminate, plastic and wood adhesives. Technology and Autocad ensures 3D models that make feature markup tools that facilitate accurate and easy design review.

Custom Residential Millwork

New construction affects the millwork industry. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that privately owned housing units accounted for 1,297,000 in October 2017. Homeowners who wish to beautify their home and increase its value choose millwork.

Residential projects could include cherry wood columns and trim, wood paneling with hemlock, alder or white oak and laminate counter tops in a cut-to-size fit. Customized residential millwork can include green, energy saving options. Wood is attractive and renewable. Weather stripping decreases air filtration and costs.

Custom Commercial Millwork

Lobbies, conference centers, executive suites and dining rooms are the types of projects that millworkers handle.

Millwork is not just aesthetic. Maintenance projects mean optimum function. The relocation of electrical outlets, realignment of doors and cabinets and the consolidation of electrical and plumbing systems facilitate utility.

Custom commercial millwork encompasses fire and water damage. Replacement of handrails, circular window casing and archways are standard for the industry. On-site services means faster completion. Clients may also choose from a wide selection of products with prompt delivery.

Industries Needing Millwork

Restaurants and hotels use customized millwork. Back of the house and front of the house operations may need sink installations, special tables or the relocation of stairs. A modern nurse’s station needs to adhere to the form-follows-function rule by mixing an interior space with an atmosphere of compassion. Retail, airports and academic institutions also need millwork.

Over 3,584 businesses offer millwork. This industry employs 113, 723 workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, millworkers will enjoy an 8 percent increase in job opportunities through 2012 – 2022.

A robust economy, technology and increased job opportunities make professional millwork in demand. If you are considering the transformation of your space, use a millworker and reap the benefits now and in the future.


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