Healthy lifestyle starts at home, says Judy Murray

Parents need to take charge of their children’s exercise habits to ward off health problems later in life, according to Judy Murray.

Writing in The Times, the mother of the tennis champions Andy and Jamie said she believes that the responsibility for a healthy lifestyle “begins and ends at home”.

Highlighting a study undertaken by Cancer Research earlier this week, which revealed that more than one in ten children in Scotland started primary school overweight or obese, Ms Murray made an impassioned plea to parents, pressing the importance of engaging youngsters in activities from an early age.

“If we are teaching our own children that exercising and sport are as important as reading and writing, then they must stand a better chance of living a healthy life,” she wrote. “And you don’t need to be an economist to work out that a healthy population underpins a better, more prosperous Scotland.

“I am not naive enough to think that other distractions — smartphones, for example — will be put down forever. Young people have never had so many choices competing for their attention. But we can try to give them equally attractive options, if not more so.”


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