Is the Dining Room Dead?

Remember those days when your mother constantly nagged you to stop playing, wash your hands, and go to the dining room when dinner was ready? Those days are long gone and so is the dining room. Modern trends in home design have cut out this room to create more open space. You can mourn the sad and demise of this room or celebrate more space in your home.

Why do people avoid dining rooms?

All modern kitchen designs incorporate a smaller but dedicated dining space within the kitchen. This helps in saving space. You can blame the apartment for these changes. As spaces as smaller, homeowners want to be able to make the most out of their available floor space. Hence, the dining ‘room’ has been reduced to a ‘dining area’ within the kitchen.

You will still find a dining room in old houses, but only with homeowners who are staunch loyalists. Other homeowners believe that the room can be cleared to create more space for ‘other things’. These could include reading areas, play areas and more. The world is no longer drooling over a classy mahogany table in a dining area that could easily house a teenager.

Dining rooms are quickly being converted into cozier and smaller living rooms as well. Many homeowners are also creating reading areas here. Some also prefer to host their close friends and family in this room. Hence, the options of dining in a proper room are being reduced by the day. Note that most young and first-time homeowners do not have a rigid concept of dining in a separate room.

Food can easily be made within minutes and there is not a family of 4-10 waiting to be hosted at the dining table. Many first-time homeowners do not find it wrong to eat on their sofa or right on the kitchen island. Therefore, the need for the dining table has reduced drastically.

Are dining rooms gone forever?

There are still many people who love dining rooms. They love to bring highly decorative tables and chairs in their dining rooms along with classy dining sets from Old rids & Downtown. Therefore, it would be erroneous to say that the room is dead. However, you will only find a dedicated dining room in houses with larger spaces. Finding dining rooms in an apartment is impossible due to lack of space. Homeowners who are not short of space can always have a classy dining room in their house.

The death of the dining room is less about ‘trends’ and more about ‘necessities’. Families do not dine together often now. As both the parents are working and kids have loads of extracurricular activities after school hours, the keeping a big dining room in the house does not make much sense to people. Instead, they opt for smaller furniture that is enough for their family and place it inside or directly outside the kitchen. It becomes easier to serve food, eat, and get the dishes cleaned too.

In an age where time is of great essence and people are always getting late, a fancy dining room does not fit well. Still, if you love dining tables, you have plenty of options available. It is a matter of time as well as the space available with you.


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