Colour Trends to Dominate Interior Design in 2018

It seems as if the beginning of 2017 was just yesterday, when we were trying to figure out how to mix the revitalizing and refreshing shade of greenwith the rest of our home interior. Greenery has definitely left its mark in home decor throughout the year, but now it’s time we looked for the 2018 colour trends that will rule the world of interior design. From iridescent hues, through the pop of colour featuring a few subtle tones as well, Pantone Colour Institute predicts rather versatile colour trends to dominate the interior design in 2018. Let’s take a look.


Starting with subtle shades to contrast the vibrant pinks, consider having Burnished Lilac sofa to balance out the pink walls. With a pop of colour, pink flowers as an accent piece on a white end table will make fora perfect statement for a lively living room. With an enticing wall art featuring various shades from white, through red, pink and peach, the rug can come only as an amazing addition with its yellow, and light pink details.


If you like warm earthy shades, far-fetched is the palette you’ll love. Think Ruby Wine furniturewith and Iced Coffee accent pieces, as well as black details to add a bit of style to the place. With this colour palette, the interior will look welcoming and warm.


All the fans of eclectic style should decorate their homes around this particular palette. When you want your home to depict strength, sophistication, depth, and power, go for cool shades of plum, blue-green and solely blue. Emberglow armchair in combination with Bossa Nova drapes calls for blue accent pieces for a real eclectic feel. To balance the pop of colour, consider adding modern stylish rugsin subtle, less vibrant hues such as black, cream, or grey. With a hint of gold details, your home will feature the entire Intensity palette.


When you think about metallics, there comes Intricacy. Also known as new neutrals, the furniture in metallic blue, featuring silk throw pillows and white floors will look fabulous if combined with accent pieces that come in Holly Berry. Think blue walls, white moulding, and with metal coffee table, the living room will have just the right Intricacy feel you were going for.


Outlandish, peculiar, and whimsical is the right description of this colour palette. With bright hues of yellow, vibrant green and even more radiant blue, your home will truly stand out. With Lime Popsicle walls, a Skydiver carpet, and a deep brown table with white chairs, your dining room will have just enough pop of colour to look lively, but not too eccentric.


Complementary blue and orange are all you need in this palette. From orange ottomans, through a blue and white rug, you can already picture a sight for sore eyes. With blue walls, and a stylish brown sofa to contrast the vibrancy of orange, your lounge room could get the nice Resourceful look that will leave everyone speechless.


It’s all about vibrancy when it comes to TECH-nique. Fuchsia, green, purple and blue, all in hues as vibrant as possible is all you need for completing this eccentric colour palette. If you include a few peacock tones, and consider turquoise, as well as a touch of pink, your home will look anything but ordinary.


Green shades dominate this trend, but feature berry-infused purples as well as eggshell blue. Think Foliage walls, with Celery furniture alongside eggshell blue accent pieces, just to complete the entire decor with a slightly contrasting hue of purples.

Final thoughts

The 2018 colour trends will definitely intrigue you and make you want to experiment with your interior. As you could see, almost all colours are going to rule the world of interior design, so feel free to go bold with colours and patterns and look for your unique style with the help of these fascinating shades.


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