No central heating, but a comfy bed at least…


The excitement of buying a property with little more than a roof and pipework can often wear off pretty quickly when you are reduced to getting your head down in a sleeping bag on bare floorboards. Surely there are alternatives to living miserably within your property before completion? Luckily, there are new, bright and shiny sleeping solutions in the form of VERY comfortable, modern air beds.

No power? No problem

You’ve seen the classic fold out beds, perhaps just a makeshift job using sofa cushions. But the world of air beds is vast, with countless options, depending on a number of factors, namely budget, space and taste.

If you are in a property which you are renovating, the chances are you’ll not have anything much in the way of furniture or amenities. Many modern air beds come equipped with a mains plug to take the leg work away from inflating your bed. If the electricity supply is absent or limited, there are many products which include internal, mechanical pumps which can be operated with your hands or feet.

The downside to this is, of course, the requirement that you have to exert your already exhausted self just before you plan to doze off. You have very likely been plastering, plumbing or painting in the 12 or so hours preceding bedtime. What you’ll probably get (depending on how much you’ve shelled out) is a more than adequate place to get your head down, which is easily deflated and folded away until its next use.

Luxury AND Convenience

If you are in for a longer-term project, you might feel compelled to invest a bit more in your sleep space. If you have access to mains electricity or a generator, this gives you a whole host of options. A basic, good quality air bed will be in the region of £40.00-£60.00, which inflates and deflates by mains power. The latter function is useful, in that you can squeeze out as much air as possible and fold the bed that bit smaller for storage.

Another plus point to the slightly pricier option is that these air-filled alternatives can sit at around the same height as your regular, traditional bedstead. They can be just as firm as a real mattress and, depending on your preferences, they can often be adjusted manually or automatically via sensors.

There are also options which can be placed on expanding, solid bases, which can be folded away with ease and stored with the air mattress. Some have lights, headboards, built in blankets and some are even heated or cooled. There are memory foam toppers for those that are that way inclined. The comfort of a bed filled with springs, wood and foam, with just a few square metres of air instead.

Affordable, temporary solutions

The last thing you want at the end of a weary day of decorating, is having to put a bed together. For most, it’s just not even a consideration. For anywhere between £15.00 and into the hundreds, you can have a hardwearing, long lasting and modern alternative to a permanent bed.

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Sweet dreams.



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