What Benefits Come with a Folding Mobility Scooter?

From something as simple as a shopping basket to lights and indicators, there are plenty of mobility scooter features to tempt potential buyers. Sometimes they add practicality; sometimes they make the mobility scooter nicer to use. But there’s one feature that tends to be particularly attractive: a folding mechanism.

Newer mobility scooters can be dismantled or folded quickly and easily without using tools, and that comes with quite a few attractive advantages.


People buy folding mobility scooters for added portability. Manufacturers have responded by sourcing the lightest materials possible and adopting minimalist design platforms. There’s no sacrifice to quality or peace of mind, but the weight of the scooter drops dramatically. Once folded, your mobility scooter will be light enough to be easily picked up and stored.

Charging Convenience

One of the main problems with classic mobility scooters is that the battery would have to be charged onboard the scooter itself. This wasn’t always an issue, but it wasn’t a particularly convenient setup, and it meant that switching out batteries when one wasn’t working demanded extensive knowledge of how the machine went together. With a folding mobility scooter, you’ll usually have the choice to charge the battery on or off-board. Additionally, you’ll often be able to switch batteries out.

Smaller Footprint

Plenty of people find it hard to store their mobility scooters. With a folding scooter, everything becomes simple. The latest models can be folded or taken apart in a matter of seconds, so you can place them in a small storage area or even pop them in the boot of your car.

More Manoeuvrable

The benefits of a folding mobility scooter don’t start and end when they’re folded. You’ll find them a little easier to control thanks to their reduced size and weight. With a tighter turning radius and added manoeuvrability, even crowded streets and tight corners won’t be an issue.


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