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If the odds have brought you to this page then it is very likely that you are looking for some sort of help with the advertisement of your product or service through our website. Well, the good news is that you have come to just the right place. Our website receives more than 12,000 unique visitors each month and we cover an array of topics that attract all different types of audiences. My wife and I started this website as a hobby  –  for the sake of sharing information about real estate and other daily life household stuff but now it has actually become a source of a little extra money that we absolutely appreciate.

There are a lot of advertisement opportunities that you can avail through our website which includes affiliate marketing, product review articles, and mainly the sidebar banners. Besides the main focus of our website that is real estate, we also cover a number of topics including relationships, parenting, pets, and all other household related stuff. That means, if your product or service related to any of the above mentioned topics or categories then our website can provide the spotlight that it needs. We would love to share and promote your products or services through our medium if we feel that it could be a great help for a regular household.

For an example, if your product is a book on how to strengthen your relationship with your partner or kids then it’s a perfect fit. Same goes for any type of home appliances, services or gadgets that can be helpful for a household. My wife Fiona writes about health and fitness so anything that falls under the categories of staying fit and healthy is a perfect fit for our website and that also includes cosmetic products and everything related to it. We also cover parenting topics as we are parents ourselves and that means if there is any sort of baby product that you want us to review or advertise on our website then we say yes to that as well.

As a realtor, I understand how important it is to market a specific product the right way and what’s even more important is to expose the product to the right consumers. The thing that any person would find disgusting is the presence of a product banner on a platform that doesn’t relate to the product itself in any particular way. Advertising your product on a platform that does not relates to it in any way just only makes things worse and makes the manufacturers or service providers look desperate – which in my experience is never good. Gladly, our website is the perfect mix of what every household is looking for, in terms of blogs, tips & tricks, and stories that they can relate to. So, if you are looking to advertise your product to 12,000 unique visitors, coming from different age groups then our website is just the right place to give your product the promotional boost that it needs.

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