About Us

Hey there Earthlings,

6My name is Allan Campbell. I’m a part-time real estate agent, a full-time husband to a beautiful lady named Fiona and a father to two little hammers Bruce and Douglas – together we’re a happy pack of four. We live in Livingston which is located near Edinburgh – our hometown and my real estate business hub. Fiona and I are the main contributors of the blog but we also feature guest bloggers who have some exciting insights to share with us and our readers.

As of now, you already know that my main source of income is real estate and everything related to it but I also like the bonus check that arrives at our door – thanks to our 12,000 plus unique monthly visitors. But the idea behind this website was not just to make money – well money that comes your way is never bad – but Fiona and I wanted to build a community and share what we as a couple and parents have learned so far – maybe get some insights from you, the readers – so here we are!

If you’re visiting our website for the first time, I would like you to have a brief introduction about what we are trying to do here. Our main focus would be, as depicted by the name, secrets for making smart and reliable investments, basically, everything that revolves around that. BUT, we will be also talking about a number of other household issues too and their possible solutions. So besides some real estate wisdom, you can also expect blogs on different topics like relationships, parenting, pets, and other house stuff. I will be mainly focusing on hubby/daddy topics while Fiona will be covering everything else – like she does (yes, we love mommy). Oh, if I forgot to mention, Fiona used to work as a professional fitness/yoga trainer – a job that she quit for the little hammer Campbells – So you can expect a lot of valuable lessons from her related to the topics of health and fitness.

When we started this website about 3 years ago, our little son Douglas, who is four years old now, had become quit a less of a burden. The painful period of our life had finally passed and so we decided why not share it with everyone else – maybe have a laugh about it – and we shall also listen what other parents have to say. I threw in my brains for what I do around the house, and of course what I’m best at as a real estate agent and Fiona came up with a number of ideas of her own. Hence, a platform was born that day of which we as a couple and parents are really proud. Besides being a fun and sharing experience, our website also brings home a pleasant bonus each month which is cool.

So here it is, who we are, what we are trying to do and how did it all start. We welcome suggestions and complaints – so don’t hold up!