3 signs it’s time to replace your double glazing

Windows are an integral part to your home. They help keep air flowing and let light in whilst also keeping out the outdoor heat or cold and shutting out noise and UV rays. Knowing the 3 most common signs that your windows need replacing can help you get them changed in a timely fashion and help you save money on your heating and energy bills.

  1. Condensation

Condensation in between the two panes of glass in your windows is a sign that the seals have been compromised. When condensation forms in this place it is one of the most common signs that your double glazing has stopped working.

This is because double glazed windows are supposed to be completely air tight to prevent the crossover of sound, heat and light energy. If there is water in there, the windows are definitely not air tight anymore.

  1. Drafts and cold air

This may seem obvious but if your windows are leaking in cold air or drafts, they need to be replaced. Windows are supposed to be air tight and prevent the elements from seeping in, so having compromised windows could be costing you a lot of money in heating and energy bills.

  1. Visible Damage

Visible damage such as crack and rotting are a clear sign that your windows need replacing. As well as this, if your windows don’t open or close properly it can cause additional damage as well as contributing to heat loss and drafts.

If you notice any of the above are present with your double glazed windows, get in touch with Salisbury Glass now and see how they can help you replace your double glazing.