The Secret Money Saved: Wireless Thermostats

Who remembers growing up in a house without central heating? Certainly not most of the younger generation in the UK, but those of us of a certain age can still recall waking up in the winter months with ice on the inside of the window! Back then – and I’m not talking that long ago – putting on an extra jumper was our idea of central heating! Nowadays, every new-build home – and most older properties – have a central heating system installed, with radiators in each room. Gas is still the prevailing choice, although some homes are choosing to install wood-chip burning systems as they are eco-friendly, and they provide heat whenever it is needed.

Your central heating system is actually quite a simple set up: it will have a boiler that heats the water – both for use from your taps and to heat the radiators – and a series of radiators connected by pipes, through which the hot water travels to the radiators. That is it; it really is that simple! Except there’s one more element – the thermostat. You probably have one of these on a wall in a certain room. It connects with the system to tell it when the heating needs to come on – at a point where the room temperature drops below a certain level. However, there are new modern wireless thermostat designs that are very clever, and that offer you a chance to save energy and money.

Modern Thermostats

So, what makes modern wireless thermostats such impressive devices? First, these are digital items that can be set to very specific degrees, and they regulate the heat in your home very carefully. Many of them connect to your broadband connection; this means that, from wherever you are, you can turn the heat on, off, up or down – or even reset the system completely – from your smartphone. Some of these devices go one step further: they learn from your routine.

How does this happen? The thermostat uses the GPS feature on your phone to ‘know’ when you have left the house; once it has determined you have gone, it will turn the heat down – or off – as required; likewise, it will know when you are coming home, so will turn on again when needed! They are very, very clever, and such features mean you are not burning expensive fuel when it’s not necessary.

Buying a Thermostat

Now you’re convinced you need one of these – and we assure you that you do – you should check out the excellent review of the top 10 devices at This is a great site that offers detailed information on the best models available, and you can find reviews of many different household, garden and other items, complete with specifications, recommendations, and advice on what you can expect to pay.

If you want to save money and energy, one of these wireless thermostats is a genuinely helpful purchase, so why not check out the website we mentioned right away, and bring a new level of control to your heating system.


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